a small, flat-bottomed, flared side and open but very stable rowboat often used in trolling and jigging. In Atlantic Canada, these 15 foot boats could be stacked on the deck of schooner and easily lowered over the side when the fishing grounds were reached. Two men fished from a dory, which could hold their gear, the catch and some food and water. A small sail could be raised. Each man operated 10 lines in the cod fishery, the lines being 52-55 fathoms long. The lines were connected together to form the trawl, 20 lines long or about one mile in length. Hooks were attached by gangings (branch lines), about 3.5 feet apart for a total of 1800 hooks on each trawl. The trawl was anchored at each end, marked by buoys. When the lines were hauled in by under-running (q.v.), one man removed the fish from the hooks and the other man re-baited them. Four sets would be made in a day. Dories were replaced by automated trawls in the 1960s but are still used inshore and as tenders

Dictionary of ichthyology. 2009.

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